Managing content/plugins the easy way

If you ever beta tested 3d software before you know it can be tiring to manually move your plugins, shaders and content directories etc. to each a new build. In the case of Lightwave, each file can be located in a different directory within the app folder, which makes it even more time consuming.

I so designed a little app to do the work for me, it's basic but works and I might develop it further. The idea is, you color label the your important files and folders you want to keep (at the moment it only works with the red label).

You select your current app folder from which you want to copy the files over to the new build, in the video example it's called "current_lightwave". The files and folders that are going to be copied are listed in the listbox, so you can make sure you labeled all your files. Then click on the destination button and select the newest build folder, again named "new_update_lightwave" in this example and you're done :)

Also, if you want to backup these files you can. The zip archive button will do that, and the best thing is it keeps the folder structure intact so you can use that as your source folder later on.

This is easy thanks to Mac OS X. I might try it on the PC side, a list of files/folders the app can look for instead of using labels or comments to find the files to copy.

The best thing about all this is will work with any 3d app, any kind of folder structure. There is nothing hard coded to limit it to just Lightwave :)

If there is interest, I'll release the Mac version as is and start adding more features, start work on the PC version as well.

Anyway, the video is about 4mb....check it out.

Managing content video