Lightwave Core Screenshots!!

A couple of screen grabs of the Lightwave Core have just landed and I must say the Core looks amazing. The focus of this years development will be on the modeling environment, which has been lacking during the 8x and 9x series and now we know why. That old code base was far too restrictive and now it seems that Newtek's developers have set the stage for a brand new and exciting era in Lightwave.

The interface skin in those screenshots are wips and might change as the development progress continues. This screenshot shows one master object with a sub divided level of 17, and cloned six times, for a total of 56,714,805 polygons. That is amazing as I never sub divided my objects higher than level 6. We finally get to the ability to work with highly complex scenes without having the program bog down or crash like in the past. This will make a lot of people happy and if we can edit polygons and points with ease then that would be the icing on the cake.

The original dragon model has 27,196 polygons, here the sub divided level is 30...someone must be crazy :)

This is a quote from Mr Jay Roth, President of the 3D Product Division at NewTek:
This screen illustrates the use of the GPU and GPU memory for handling subdivision surfaces. This example shows that the mesh is subdivided to 30 levels, for a total of 25,231,500 polygons. At this level, the user still has very good tool and view performance, as the GPU is doing most of the work. In this example, the card is an Nvidia Quadro FX1600M, with 512MB RAM, 256 Dedicated, running on a Dell Precision M6300 Laptop with 2GB of RAM, and WinXP SP3.

I hope this is just the beginning and watch out comes the Core :)

Here's a link to the core page...more stuff, including videos coming out within weeks.