Aperture UFO blades: tutorial

To get you started on your UFO, here is a little tutorial on creating those aperture type doors :)

Step 1:

Create a 12 sided disc, make sure it's centered at the origin and bevel a few times, delete the disc once you have enough segments.

Step 2:

Select all the inner points and rotate as shown. Make sure your mouse cursor is at the origin and rotate as shown.

Step 3:
The reason I use the Multishift tool is to move the points slightly so they don't all share the same locations in space. Otherwise, when you merge points later on you'll have a mess on your hands.

Step 4:

Delete the the unwanted polygons and then stretch the selected points to create a nice tip for the blades.

Step 5:

Extrude the mesh to add thickness and edit the end points as shown, it should be easier if each set of blades were on a different layer....and you're done. Tthe rest of the UFO is up to you :)