Custom LW Core Interface Designs

Some new screen shots of Core UI have shown up on the web :)

These aren't official interface designs by Newtek but the work of Matt Gorner, a pretty cool Lightwave artist and a UI fanatic...sorry, I meant designer. You can read all about him in this 2003 interview conducted by Newtek. I hope he gets to influence the final UI design in some way.

Flat gray Versions:

I love these versions..but I'm not to sure about the selected tab colour with the green bar at the bottom. I'll like to see a version with a darker gray interface as well...but I'm sure he has one in the works :)

Button versions:

The buttons just take up too much space and look too retro. Also in some places the tops of the buttons are cut off, you can see them in the right side panels.

Does the CORE have animation capabilities already?? Mmmmm....I wonder what FKMotionController is :)

Other official Lightwave CORE news:

Newtek has released a cool new video and it's been a long time coming...about 6 months. I hope they become more frequent between now and the end of the year. I'd love to see a more detailed video on the full features of the Paint Deform tool in the near future.

Also, we are getting closer to the Mac LW 9.6.1 Cocoa beta....I can't wait for this one.


Matt Gorner said…
Just to point out, the button versions are meant to look retro, LightWave 3.0 and Electric Image Animation System (respectively).

The 'cut off' buttons are actually tabs, and are meant to be that way!