Node Surface Library Pack Preview

Here's a preview of my metal surface library, I have another batch to render and then it'll be available soon. Some of them are the same surfaces, because I named it after the object they were used in, so it should be easier to choose...more to come!

In the mean time, here's another free download, the above surface is included with the object for you LW users out there :)

Download the netsuke lw version or the netsuke obj version.


vam47 said…
It would be great if you had the images and HDR to go along with the scenes and models you have.. Nice Job on the Nodes..
Kuzey said…
Thanks :)

I added the kitchen01.hdr and linked to some others that I use, that should cover it.

All the best.
Those metals look stunning!
I can hardly wait to get my mitts on them.