Metal Extension Pack

One more day to go before I start emailing the node pack....I hope people like it :)

But I couldn't resist....I had to experiment some more and this is the first result of many. I'm liking the layered effect, it has a metallic coating peeling off...exposing the base material kinda look...very sexy! I can't wait to try it with the leather/fabric surfaces...metallic thread/pattern weaved within the fabric......Ooooooooh.

How did I do it??
Well...I copied one of the metal node trees and pasted it into the gecko node editor, added a Material Mixer node and played around. Simple stuff...try it yourself with the PPG metal and the gecko scene.

So, I'm thinking I'll keep on experimenting and create an extension pack, with a minimum of say 20 surfaces, but probably way more than that. The price would be between $10 to $20, but that would depend on the amount of surfaces.

Here's the good bit, I'm thinking of giving it away to those who buy the first pack, before the special offer ends. Mmmmmmm....sounds like a good idea to me :)

I'll post more examples in the coming days and weeks...stay tuned.