Metal Extension Pack is here

Well, that took a while..sorry about that :)

I'm keeping the special bundle price of $26 for a few more get it now and don't miss out!

I included the object/scene files and all the surfaces as presets..for ease of use. ships on Sunday


Brian Buxton said…
For those of us that purchased the metal pack with the offer to get the extension pack for free - how do we get the extension pack?
Kuzey said…
Hi Brian, the extension pack comes up at about 5.8MB in size & it gets rejected by accounts (I think there is a 5MB limit to attachments).

Do you have another email I can send it to?
Bryan Michael said…
Hey, I would like to purchase the Metal Node Library Pack and the Metal Expansion pack, but the link appears to be broken. How can I order this from you?
Kuzey Atici said…
Hi Michael,

Did you try the Paypal button on the right on the blog, just under the about me section? That works for me. You could also try this link:

Let me know if those don't work..all the best.
Plastic Sister said…
I know its 2014 but do you have a new offer going ?

Thanks :)
Kuzey Atici said…
Hi Plastic Sister (love that nickname btw), I have enough metal surfaces for another bundle pack (300 surfaces) and maybe 2 leather packs(also 300 surfaces per pack).

I just got to find the time to get myself focused and organize the new surfaces..but yes, more surfaces are coming :)

All the best!