Toaster Time Lapse

Oh no, not another time lapse video..enjoy :)

While I'm at it, here are couple feature requests for Lightwave 12.

Untangle v Px_Navel:

Untangle has a unintended and useful side effect, if you select a group of polygons and merge them into an N-gon, and then apply the get a nice round disc. The problem is..when the disc should be facing the X direction, it gets rotated to the Z's a pain you know where :)

Px_Navel is almost perfect, it just needs to work on more polygons than the current limit of 1, 2 or 4 polygons.

A better Align tool:

In the video, you'll see me selecting a row of points and bringing up the info panel to align points. Why not create an align tool that has four OpenGL buttons..[X]...[Y]...[Z] & [Undo]. You select a row of points, hit the align tool & click on the point you want the others to align to & then click on one of the 3 XYZ and simple :)