Low Poly Yogi Bear

Here's Yogi Bear with the low poly paper treatment, turned out pretty well...I think :)

Leather Texture Pack News:

I'm really panicking about the next version of Lightwave 3d & it's new render engine. I'm not sure if my leather textures will work or break with the new version, so they have been put on hold for now.

Patreon News:

I'm about to launch a patreon page soon, offering my models in .obj & LW formats, so keep an out for them :)

That's all, let's hope the next version of Lightwave3d is awesome & works with my textures (fingers crossed)


Unknown said…
Hi Kuzey,

I would not worry to much about LW 2017, we don't know when its coming out and what changes are in it.

If the changes are that significant then like most of us we will run 2015 alongside 2017 in 32 and 64, ive been doing that with LW 11 and 2015 for some time, mostly for some older plugins and such.

If the changes are that significant then allot of third party stuff will need updating to take into account the new architecture.

Nice Yogi bye the way :):).

Regards, John