Creating a Favorites Browser for your 3D Workflow

Creating a favorites screen in Quadro for all your 3D content from Kuzey3d on Vimeo.

If you have an iPhone or iPad & you like to automate your workflow then try out Quadro. It works both on the Mac & PC.

I tried to do something a little different and create a favorites browser so all my files are easy to find or open.

I must say, it wasn't easy or fast. First of all you need to add the files manually one at a time & you are faced with this open dialog on the left. It's too basic & cumbersome, it needs an update urgently.  Then if you want to add images to your pads(buttons in Quadro), you'd have to import them into your i-device first.

Feature Request:

Update that dialog ASP.

Next, there should be a builtin favorites screen (or an easier way of selecting files). It should look like the normal screen but have more slots available, you should be able to scroll up or down (a bit like the Photos app).  Click on an empty slot and you get the open dialog prompt to select your file/folder, or if you have the file already selected on your HD then it gets added automatically. An option to add the thumbnails or file icons would be nice.

Using images for Pad backgrounds should not require them to be on the i-device. That's it for now...more automation workflow to come :)