Node experiments

So here is a fantasy model, a dragon shield that I decided to bring into the 21st century with new surfaces. If you haven't already get yourself a copy of DP Kit-additional nodes for LW and they are super cool. I'm using the Deformer node in this experiment.

First experiment:

A touch of metal but more stone looking. The only problem is the areas circled, they look like the smoothing setting for the surface is unchecked. I still haven't found a solution to this...otherwise it's a great texture.

Second experiment:

There is an Incidence node as part of the surface. I changed the range from 180 to 90 and this is the result. The good thing is the earlier problem is gone but now it's a totally different surface...although still interesting.

Third experiment:

Played around with some other settings and got a marble kinda thing going on. It would be interesting to see how this one can go.

Fourth experiment:

Now we're cooking, don't you like great accidents when they happen.

Fifth experiment:

Added a rusty colour. I love how the metal part is semi transparent with the base colours coming through.

Sixth experiment:

Same as the last but the metal part is more solid.

haha....I saved a copy of each version. I hope to make them available at Preset central as soon as I can resolve those lines in the first example. Here is the original preset if you want to have a go at fixing it. Be warned it's a bit messy and has some unused nodes.